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Feedback is always appreciated at Three Trails Camp! We can’t improve or grow without receiving feedback, so we appreciate it all, good and bad. With permission, we will use testimonials for our marketing on printed materials, this website and social media.

If you are a retreat guest and would like to fill out our more detailed Guest Survey instead, please visit this link.

Send a Child To Camp

The Salvation Army puts tremendous value on the opportunities children experience while attending our summer camps. Camp is a safe place where children can meet new friends, learn valuable life skills, enjoy nature as they learn new things, have fun and most importantly, develop their relationship with God. Three Trails Camp and Retreat Center operates our retreat center during the non-summer months so we can offset the expenses of summer camp. The average expense for a camper to attend one camp at Three Trails Camp is around $525. This includes the cost of meals, summer staff salaries, lodging, utilities and program expenses. Each Salvation Army location throughout the Kansas and Western Missouri Division helps to support our camp ministry by designating a portion of their budget to help offset the costs of camp. These funds are raised through local fundraising efforts such as Christmas kettles, mail appeals and generous donor support.

We believe in the ministry of camp. We have seen time and time again how camp can positively impact a child’s life. Because of this, our Salvation Army Corps & Community Centers only charge between $0-$30 per camper to attend a camp. We are continually working to provide additional scholarships to be able to waive this fee even further, when necessary, so that all kids have the opportunity to go to camp.

Camp changes lives!  Will you join us in making a donation to help us offset the cost of $525 to send a child to camp?

The mission of Three Trails Camp & Retreat Center is only made possible through the support of friends and donors like you. Cash, check or credit card donations can be accepted. If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift that will help fund The Salvation Army’s ministry right here at camp, please contact our office at 816.373.4153 or email us to receive a message on how you can make a donation.


Investing personal time is one of the most rewarding ways you can support Three Trails Camp. We need volunteers in every department and during every season. We are able to focus many of our resources toward our mission because of the faithful servants who give of their time and experience to make our camp a better place.

We welcome volunteer support from individuals, families, corporate service projects, small groups, community service, student groups… whatever the reason and whatever the skill.

Lend a hand with maintenance, food service, groundskeeping, office/administrative support or special projects.

It doesn’t take experience, just a willing heart. Call or e-mail today and discuss the options available at 816.373.4153 or by emailing our Camp Director: Michael Dixon

Make a Gift

If you are a business owner or an individual with something that would benefit Three Trails Camp, we would love to hear from you.

We use donated goods that are suited to our mission to help reduce operating costs for our summer camp program and improve the value we can provide to our guests in the off season. We are happy to provide a receipt for tax purposes for in-kind donations.

Typical items that are needed include, but are not limited to:

• Trees and landscaping
• Benches and outdoor furniture
• Playground equipment
• Indoor furniture
• Sports equipment and games
• Art supplies
• Kitchen supplies

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