Jackson County COVID-19 Isolation Center Daily Data Collection & Supply Request Forms

Meal Counts & Stats Form
Guest Supply Request
Maintenance/Cleaning Supply Request
Meal/Snack Supply Request

The above links can be used to move to each individual form or you can scroll down to see all forms. Be sure to click submit on each form that is filled out. Submit forms daily, by 3 pm for us to provide adequate food service and needed supplies. If you have any questions, please call our office between the hours of 9a-3p Monday – Friday at 816-373-4153. Outside of office hours, you can reach our Camp Director Mike Dixon at 816-935-0674.

Meal Counts & Stats Form

Breakfast is continental and already stocked in the Center, only lunch and dinner numbers should be included here. If more breakfast supplies are needed, please use the Meal/Snack Supply Request Form.

Guest Supply Request Form

Maintenance/Cleaning Supply Request Form

Meal/Snack Supply Request Form

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