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Health Protocol
Safety Procedures

What health precautions should my camper take before coming to Camp?

  • 14 days of social distancing
  • 7 days of temperature checks
  • Self Health Certification Form

Families can help keep COVID-19 from attending camp with their camper.  We are asking families to help campers hold to social distancing 14 days prior to the first day of camp.  (Social distancing means limiting exposure to non-family members, wearing a face mask around non-family members, avoiding large crowds/gatherings, and limiting unnecessary travel.) Seven days prior to the first day of camp we ask that parents take and record their camper’s temperature daily and provide a self health certification for each camper (provided by camp/corps officer).

If you record that your camper has a temperature greater than 100 at any time during the 7 days prior to camp then we ask that you contact your doctor to assess whether your camper needs further evaluation.

What health precautions should my camper expect each day?

  • Masks at all times when indoors
  • Daily temperature checks
  • Modified sleeping arrangements 
  • Frequent hand washing/sanitizing
  • Isolation of any symptomatic individuals
  • Professional medical staff at camp
  • Activities in small cohorts
  • Seating in worship and at meals as a bunkroom
  • Increased cleaning/sanitization of all facilities

How is Three Trails Camp handling individuals with symptoms?

Any ill camper will immediately be isolated, evaluated and, if needed, arrangements made for them to return home. A COVID test of a sick camper may be requested by Three Trails Camp for campers who are sent home for contact tracing purposes.

How is Three Trails Camp handling individuals determined to be COVID positive?

Any individual (camper or staff) who tests positive for COVID may result in the bunkroom being isolated and returned home. This decision will be determined by the Divisional Youth Secretary with involvement from the Camp Director and medical professionals.

How is Three Trails Camp handling staff members exposed to a COVID positive individual but not showing symptoms?

Monitoring by medical staff, isolation or return home. If a staff member is fully vaccinated, they will only be isolated if they display symptoms, according to CDC guidance.

How is Three Trails Camp handling vaccinated staff members?

If possible, staff members are encouraged to be vaccinated. Vaccinated staff members will follow all safety protocols, including wearing masks where indicated, but if they are exposed to COVID, they will not have to isolate unless they display symptoms.

Does our whole Corps have to go home if just one camper begins to have symptoms? 

Three Trails Camp will treat each ill camper on a case-by-case basis.  In some instances, we will send an ill camper home because it is best for a sick camper to recover at home.  Should a camper who has been sent home report a positive COVID test, then the information surrounding the positive camper will be assessed with the family, Corps leaders and the camp staff.  A positive test of a camper who has been sent home could possibly require a Corps or cabin to return home.  

Will this summer’s program be similar to the past?

Three Trails Camp has worked to keep summer camp as “normal” as possible given the requirements of COVID safety.  The main events of camp (worship, recreation, housing and meals) will all be a part of camp, but may look a little bit different.  Campers will be with their cabin for indoor activities. We will join no more than 2 cabin suites (24 campers) for outdoor activities. Campers must remain socially distanced from other cabins.  Depending on the size of camp that week, worship may be split into two services and meals may be split into two meal times.  Cabins will be configured according to CDC guidelines and bunkbeds may not be moved.  Head and feet placement on a bunk bed will be indicated on each bunkbed.  Recreation, games and activities will be conducted outside whenever possible.  

Will my camper be sent home if they are exposed to a COVID positive individual?

Three Trails Camp will treat each ill camper on a case-by-case basis.  In some instances, we may need to send an individual camper home.  A positive test of a camper who has been sent home may require a cabin or Corps to return home.  If a camper reports being COVID positive after the camp week has ended, then we will inform all campers, staff, parents and Corps officers who participated in camp with the cohort.  

What if there is a COVID positive case the week before?

Three Trails Camp has a daily sanitization process, as well as an additional rigorous sanitization process that will be performed by the entire staff, under the supervision of our Camp Director, at the end of each camp.  Three Trails Camp cabins and facilities will sit for almost 70 hours prior to the next camp starting.  According to the CDC the virus cannot survive this long on hard surfaces.

If I’m vaccinated will I have to wear a mask at Three Trails Camp?

Because we are not requiring everyone to be vaccinated, and currently there is no vaccine available for those under 12, we must continue to require mask wearing. With the age restriction, and only recent approval of vaccinations for ages 12-15 around half of our campers won’t even be able to be vaccinated before attending camp.  Vaccinated people wearing masks also helps encourage those who have not been vaccinated to continue wearing masks.

What if I or my camper has gotten the vaccine?

If your camper has received the vaccine they will still be required to comply with the COVID procedures in place at Three Trails Camp.  By participating together (even if you have the vaccine) it encourages those who have not received the vaccine to continue participating in minimizing the spread and overwhelming our healthcare system. Campers who are vaccinated should indicate this on their health form when registering, and current CDC guidance will be followed regarding isolation/quarantine.

Can I visit my camper at Three Trails Camp this summer?

Because our campers, counselors and staff have taken extra precautions to keep COVID out of camp, we are sorry, this year we cannot permit visitors (including parents) to Three Trails Camp due to the risk of COVID transmission during a visit. 

Can I come get my camper?

Campers may not come and go in order to participate in activities at home.  Parents may always come get their camper.  However, your camper may not return to camp after leaving.  Please communicate your need to pick up your camper to the Divisional Youth Secretary by calling our Summer Hotline 816-478-5645.  He/she will coordinate pickup of your camper and their belongings at the front parking lot at the entrance of camp.  The check-out procedure will require your driver’s license.  

Can staff and counselors leave camp (off site trips, errands)?

Three Trails Camp discourages anyone leaving and returning to Camp during the camp week.  However, with resident staff, we know there are exceptions.  If counselors need to leave to run an errand or handle an emergency we ask that they hold fast to strict social distancing and COVID prevention protocols while away from camp. 

Will Three Trails Camp allow other guests?

Because our campers, counselors and staff have taken extra precautions to keep COVID out of camp, we are sorry, this year we cannot permit visitors to Camp due to the risk of COVID transmission during a visit.  There will be no additional meal guests permitted for this summer.

Can I deliver something to my camper in person?

If you need to deliver something your camper forgot you may drop it off at the front office.  Three Trails Camp will ensure your camper gets the item they forgot.

Can I get a refund if my camper gets sick at camp?

Three Trails Camp will consider refunds of individual campers on a case-by-case basis.  Depending upon when the camper is declared ill, Three Trails Camp may pro-rate a refund based upon the number of days the camper missed. 

What is the Self Health Certification?

The Self Health Certification is a one page form that is provided in the registration email.  A signed Self Health Certification will be required for each camper at check-in.