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Safety Procedures

Campers and Staff Presenting with Illness

If any camper or staff present signs or symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever (100 degrees or greater), or two of the following: cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, chills, muscle pain, and loss of taste or smell, they will be isolated from other campers. Camp staff will immediately notify parent/guardian for pick-up. The camper will remain in isolation until their parent/guardian arrives. Parents/Guardians must pick up their camper, or inform us of the arrangement for pick-up of their camper, within 60 minutes of notification. A precautionary space will be utilized to keep all campers and staff safe from illness where camp staff can still monitor the camper. Camp staff will social distance and use a disposable face covering and gloves and use any personal protective equipment that is provided. Parents/Guardians are advised to contact the camper’s doctor to discuss symptoms and risk factors. 

  • All campers housed with the person presenting with COVID-19 will also be isolated and sent home. 
  • Resident staff with symptoms will be immediately isolated, and referred for viral testing. They will remain isolated until the test result is returned. Medical care should be provided as needed.
    • If the test result is negative, the staff member will remain in isolation until his or her symptoms have improved according to existing camp policies (typically, 24 hours without fever and no use of fever-reducing medication).
    • If the test result is positive, the staff member will remain in isolation for at least 10 days after symptom onset, and 24 hours without fever without use of fever-reducing medication, and other symptoms have improved.
  • Three Trails Camp will follow next steps as directed by the CDC, or local health authorities, which may include quarantine measures.

Positive COVID-19 Test, COVID -19 Symptoms or COVID-19 Exposure
Campers and staff will be excluded from camp if they have been exposed to COVID-19, test positive for COVID-19 or exhibit two or more symptoms of COVID-19, based on CDC guidance, that is not otherwise explained. Symptoms of COVID-19 that would require exclusion include fever of 100° or greater and/or two of the following symptoms: Cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste or smell.

Anyone who has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 should stay home for 10 days after their last exposure to that person.

However, anyone who has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 and who meets the following criteria does NOT need to stay home.

  • Someone who has been fully vaccinated and shows no symptoms of COVID-19


  • Someone who has COVID-19 illness within the previous 3 months and
  • Has recovered and
  • Remains without COVID-19 symptoms (for example, cough, shortness of breath)

Campers and staff will follow the illness protocol for future return to Camp.

Illness Protocol for Returning to Camp
Staff and campers who are excluded from Camp will not be allowed to return until they have been cleared by the camp Healthcare Director or by a physician. 

In general staff and campers can return if: 

  • 10 days have passed since the first symptom appeared or a positive test result was received (whichever is later) and they are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. Symptoms should also be improving.
  • They have one negative COVID-19 test taken 5-7 days after exposure. 
  • Student or staff member has a doctor confirmed explanation of symptoms.

Communicating Positive COVID-19 Cases
If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 camp administration will notify staff and the parent/guardian of any campers that have been in close contact.

If a staff member tests positive for COVID-19 camp administration will notify all camp staff and the parent/guardian of any campers that have been in close contact.

Close contacts include everyone in the infected person’s household cohort and anyone else who was within 6 feet of the infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. The definition of a close contact applies regardless of whether either person was wearing a mask.

Local Mandates

We do follow orders from Jackson County & KCMO on any COVID-19 related mandates.  Currently, all emergency health orders have been rescinded and they are recommending that CDC guidance be followed.