Love God? Love kids? Love to play? Then we may be the perfect place for you to work this summer! Are you or someone you know starting to think about what to do next summer? Three Trails Camp is a great summer job!

We believe in the the power of camp because we have seen firsthand the effect that working at camp can have on a high school or college student.  When you work at camp you learn to be a leader.  During your summer we will equip you to lead well and to make a difference in the lives of our campers.  If you are interested in learning how to put your needs last and love kids no matter the circumstance, please use this link to download an employment application.  Completed applications can be emailed to Michael Dixon

You can also fill out our application at the bottom of this page.

We hire the following positions:
(click for job description)

Head Counselor
Counselors (18+)
Head Lifeguard
Lifeguards (16+)
Head Cook
Assistant Cook (16+)
Kitchen Aides (16+)
Dining Room Host/Hostess (16+)
Dining Room Aides (16+)
Dishwashers (16+)
Grounds Crew/Maintenance (16+)
Candy Shop Manager
Recreation Aide
Health Care Director
Photographer & Social Media Aide

Know someone who would be a great addition to our team?  Download and hand out the Poster and/or Flyer below!

Camp Staff Poster

Camp Staff Brochure


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