Today, parents and guardians are continuously seeking ways to invest in their child’s learning experience, especially over the summer. Since 1924 Three Trails Camp has provided summer camp programs that reinforce caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, faith, empathy and integrity in a safe and caring environment.
Our well-trained and expert staff encourages every child to explore while creating fun and exciting memories that can be lifetime childhood investments. Learning never stops and the fun never ends at Three Trails Camp!

Older Adult Camp      June 1-3, 2020      Ages: Senior Citizens (55+)
Summer camp is not just for kids. This residential overnight camp is designed for the young at heart to come make friends and unplug from their everyday life. Senior Campers will enjoy a packed daily schedule full of singing, fellowship, games, crafts, yummy prepared meals and new challenges. Bring a friend and come enjoy the fun.
Contact: Email Major Caroyln Schuetz or call 816-968-0408

Family Camp      June 5-7, 2020       Ages:  Parents/Children of all ages
Family and Faith are two of the most important things in all of our lives. This low cost overnight residential camp celebrates both of these by giving your family the time to eat meals, pray, and do adventure activities like climbing the rock wall, swimming and playing all together.  It gives you the time to enjoy your precious loved ones away from the busyness of everyday life.
Contact: Email Tracie Smith or call 816-285-2792

Service Extension Camp      June 8-11, 2020      Ages: 8-12 from rural communities
Camp for children from rural Kansas and NW Missouri. Campers will enjoy lots of daily activities like swimming, crafts, outdoor recreation, Christian teaching, campfires and making new friends.
Contact: Email Teresa Grado or call 816-968-0368

Kid’s Camp      June 15-18, 2020      Ages: 7-12
The ultimate summer camp experience for kids. Campers will engage in building friendships, opportunities to grow in their faith and Bible knowledge. We will create adventure experiences with activities like archery and the adventure swing. Our goal is to keep campers active and engaged as they enjoy a fun filled time away from the everyday distractions of electronics and life.
Contact: Email: Captain Denesia Polusca or call 816-968-0434

Music Camp      June 20-27, 2020       Ages: 9-17
Combine your love and interest in music with all the fun of summer camp. This camp provides campers with many different skill levels the opportunity to develop their musical talent with training in music theory and technique from experienced musicians in a individualized setting. We welcome all vocalist and instrumentalist (brass, woodwind and percussionist) campers to join us. While the camp experience is designed around the arts, campers will have opportunities to enjoy all the fun of a traditional summer camp: getting outdoors, playing games, making lifelong friends and endless memories.
Contact: Email: Jon Heaver or call 816-968-0426

Bible Life and Gospel Arts Camp      June 30-July 3, 2020       Ages: 7-12
A camp for the young performer. This camp will incorporate Bible teaching with creative arts experiences. Campers will have the option of being placed into a band (they will provide their own instrument) or vocal chorus class, in addition to choosing one elective, such as ukulele, recorder, boom whackers, drama, dance and more. This camp is a great way for campers to be introduced to the arts.
Contact: Email: Captain Denesia Polusca or call 816-968-0434

Teen Camp      July 7-10, 2020      Ages: 13-17
This is a camp that focuses on spiritual development, outdoor and environmental education, and character development. The camp involves fun outdoor activities that show how our world and our connection to God are intertwined. Teens will be given the opportunity to participate in activities like swimming, rock wall, archery, nature, sports, recreation, and times to fellowship with each other.
Contact: Email: Captain Denesia Polusca or call 816-968-0434

Sports Camp      July 13-16, 2020       Ages: 10-15
A camp for the athlete in your house. No specific skill level is needed, just kids who love sports and want to be active. We will play hard and teach biblical truths throughout this camp. Special attention will be made to incorporate teamwork and good sportsmanship while learning the basics of the game such as skill development, proper rules and safety observation . They will experience biblical teaching that focuses on how our heart and actions on the sporting field can reflect God’s love in our hearts and lives.
Contact: Email: Captain Denesia Polusca or call 816-968-0434

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