Your child is headed to overnight camp and the excitement is high! We encourage our families and campers to take a step back and get organized. No camper wants to reach their cabin and discover a long list of forgotten items. On the flipside, personal storage area in the cabins is usually skimpy, so it’s also crucial not to overpack!

Bible, notebook, sharpened pencil or ballpoint pen
Masks for each day of camp (and some spares just in case!)
Pillow, twin sheets, and blanket or sleeping bag – we recommend campers put bedding and pillow in a bag. Many times rolled sleeping bags come unraveled when walking through camp.
Towels for bathing & swimming and a washcloth
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Deodorant & any other toiletries
Soap, shampoo and conditioner – We recommend you place toiletries in a type of plastic bag or plastic basket that would make it easy to transport to the shower. 
Clothing (modest) for each day of camp & one extra outfit.  (Make sure you have at least one outfit you can get dirty!)
Sweatshirt or jacket & jeans
Swimsuit (modest)
Tennis shoes with closed toe
Sandals or flip flops for shower and pool shoes
Insect repellent
Lip balm and sunscreen
Hand sanitizer (optional)
Flashlight and batteries
Water bottle labeled with camper’s name
Spending money for the Candy Shop (we sell t-shirts/sweatshirts for $8-$20)
Plastic bag for wet or dirty clothes
Wrist watch or travel clock
Picture or stuffed animal as a comfort piece
Stamped envelopes or pre-addressed postcards

**Be sure to label all belongings with camper’s name**

Medicine needs to be in the original bottle with original labels and camper’s name on them.  They will be turned in to our Health Care Director upon arrival at camp.

Don’t pack things that are on the ‘Leave at Home” list. This will just cause problems for your child when they arrive at camp. If you have concerns about something on the forbidden list, talk with the camp staff before your child arrives.

Cell phone
Expensive jewelry
Electronic games and movie devices

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