You can contact your child at any point during their stay at Three Trails Camp by calling our Youth Department.

During office hours (Monday – Friday 8am-4pm) you can call 816-350-0053.

After hours, you should call 816-478-5645.

We will be glad to pass on any message or have them return your call as quickly as possible.  Camper cell phones are not allowed at camp, but we do have landline phones that can be used when needed.

Camper Cell Phone/Electronic Device Policy

Cell phones and electronic devices are distracting to camp life and there is a constant temptation to use and check them. Therefore we ask that campers do not bring cell phones and electronic devices to camp. Please be assured that we will care for your camper and will notify you of any emergency. If campers do bring cell phones or electronic devices to camp they will be turned in to the office for safe keeping and will be available to pick up at the end of the camper’s stay. The Salvation Army will not be held liable in the event of theft or damage of cell phones and electronic devices if brought to camp.

In the event of an emergency we do allow campers to use our office phones.  One of the camp staff will be in touch with the parent/guardian in cases of emergency, homesickness, health or discipline issues.

Camper Mail

Receiving mail is one of the highlights of the week for many campers. Encouraging words to a child who is at camp for the first time can improve their experience. Please address the mail in the following way:

Camper’s Name & Session Name
Three Trails Camp
16200 E US HWY
Kansas City, MO. 64136

Camper E-message

We offer Camper E-messages! To send your camper an e-message while at camp send an email with the subject line (camper first and last name, camp session they are attending) to: 3TC Camper E-Mail.
Messages will be delivered each full day of camp at lunch and dinner meals. Any message received after 4pm will be delivered the following day. Any messages received after 4pm on the last full day of camp will not be delivered.
Campers will not be able to respond to your email. We want your camper to be fully immersed in the camp experience, and having them sit in front of the computer to respond to messages would definitely be a distraction! They can always go old-school and send a postcard home. We will have stamps and postcards for sale in the candy shop.

Camper Phone Calls

If there is a problem or emergency concerning your child you will be contacted by a staff member.  In the event of an emergency at home and you need to contact us, please call 816-478-5636.

Camper Visitors

For the 2022 Season, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors are discouraged.
Visitors should call ahead to the Camp Youth Office (816-350-0053) between 8am-4pm prior to visiting camp.   Every visitor will check in at the main camp office with the camp staff.  Visitors must wear a “Visitor Badge” at all times while on the camp grounds.  The badge must be visible to camp staff and leaders.  Visitor will not be allowed on camp after 9pm while camp is in session.

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