We understand and value the trust that parents bestow on us with the care of their child(ren). We take our responsibility seriously. Three Trails Camp maintains the highest level of safety and standards in operation of all our activities at camp. Our summer and full time staff are carefully screened, trained, and dedicated to a high level of safety. Our facilities and outdoor equipment are tested, maintained, inspected and certified.

Medical Care and Policies
Three Trails has medical policies in place and follows them.
In the event of an unexpected accident, there is always our Health Care Director on call to tend to your child’s needs. Also, if needed, the local hospital is only a short drive away.  We utilize Children’s Mercy East for our urgent care needs.
All Lifeguards and our Health Care Director are trained in First Aid and CPR and are on-site and available 24 hours per day.  Sick children are isolated from other campers and parents will be called to bring sick campers home as necessary.

Health Forms
Three Trails requires that all parents/guardians fill out a camper medical form to have on file.  These forms help our medical staff know your camper’s medical history in the event they are sick. These forms are confidential.

Medications are distributed at breakfast, lunch, activities, dinner, and bedtime.  All medications are turned into camp staff and MUST include the prescription for the specified camper. Over-the-counter medications approved by parents/guardians are given at the discretion of the camp medical staff and is provided by camp at no additional cost.
We have over-the-counter medications that are available for distribution when needed at camp. Please make us aware of any restrictions you child has to over-the-counter medications.

Three Trails Camp is served by 911 emergency services.  Parents will be notified any time a camper requires more than basic first aid treatment.  Your signature on the health form gives emergency services permission to treat your child if you cannot be reached in advance and gives Three Trails Camp permission to provide the over-the-counter medications.

Food Allergies
Three Trails Camp understands that campers will have food allergies.  In most cases we are able to provide an alternative food to ensure a positive dining experience during their time at camp.  We are not a gluten free kitchen. Please be sure to note any food allergies on the medical form. Campers are able to provide an alternate meal option themselves when needed.

Safe From Harm Policy
View the standard guidelines The Salvation Army employs to take care of children, youth and vulnerable adults.
All adult staff 18 and over go through background and reference checks. 

Inclement Weather
Three Trails Camp monitors the National Weather Service radio. Whenever Three Trails is included in Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm Watches, we move all campers close to areas of shelter, and move them into shelters during warnings.  The pool, and ropes course are not used when lightning is near. We monitor campers water intake throughout the day and are especially aware during heat advisories.

Our staff is excellent in working with and helping homesick campers deal with homesickness.  It is very rare for one of our campers to leave camp early due to homesickness.  The best way for a camper to remain homesick is when you say you will come get them.  Please do not promise your child that if they are homesick you will come pick them up.  Campers who are homesick usually grow tremendously during their time at camp, and are proud of themselves when the session is over and they see how much they have personally accomplished.
If at any time you are worried about your camper being homesick,  we invite you to call our Youth Office and speak with one of our staff who would love to talk with you about your child:

During office hours (Monday – Friday 8am-4pm) you can call 816-350-0053.

After hours, you should call 816-478-5645.

Camp needs to be a safe place for everyone.  All campers are instructed to treat each other as they would like others to treat them.  They are also required to follow the directions of camp staff.  If a child is unable to do either, they will be reminded of camp rules, separated from activities for a short time or re-directed and given a chance to change their behavior.  If campers repeatedly disrespect or harm other campers or staff, parents will be notified.  Campers who are unable to interact at camp in a positive way will be sent home. Some infractions are serious enough to warrant campers being sent home without warning.
NOTE:  Camp can be a safe place for campers to learn positive conflict resolution.  Campers are encouraged to air frustrations with other campers and staff in a positive way. Campers are supported and supervised as they navigate their way to a positive resolution.  Our counselors are trained to teach campers positive ways to express frustration and seek solutions

Certificate and Training For Recreation Activities and Facilities
All of Three Trails Camp’s Ropes Course elements are inspected and approved by Challenge Quest, LLC. All elements are operated and supervised by our staff who have been fully trained and certified to do so, ensuring your child’s comfort and safety.
Our swimming pool is inspected by the Health Department and is facilitated by trained and experienced staff.  Each lifeguard is certified in Life Guarding, CPR, AED and First Aid.  Your child will be in good hands while at Three Trails Camp.
Our Camp Kitchen and Candy Shop is certified and inspected by the Health Department and our staff have Food Handlers Permits. 

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